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Snail Mucin Serum with 98% Snail Mucin Extract


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  • ❤ CARES FOR YOUR SKIN. You can have baby-soft & glow skin by using our LYFETRITION SNAIL SERUM FOR FACE! The facial serum that we offer consists of ingredients such as snail mucin, this is a widespread ingredient that created a storm in cosmetics industries! Snail mucin extract, gooey secretion, the slimy, are some of the extracts that are well-known in helping the skin to even become clearer, softer, moisturized, and smoother. It also helps you achieve the perfect skin, like a coveted glass which is everyone’s skin goal!
  • ❤ GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE. We offer snail extract serums which are formed with a huge amount of 98% snail mucin extract, which is higher than any other snail skincare essentials available in the market! This venerable skincare formula helps improve the skin’s texture, it also smoothens the wrinkles and relaxes the facial lines by making the skin firm, plump, and supple! The skin serum- snail serum that we offer also boosts collagen manufacturing of snail mucin serum that is helpful for skin lightening, also for decreasing dark spots problems and discoloration faced by many!
  • ❤ WEALTH OF SKIN BENEFITS. Don’t worry about tired, irritated, and dry skin anymore! Our snail face serums are imbued with some Hyaluronic Acid, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Caprylyl Glycol, along with Aloe Vera. These skin-caring ingredients help in improving the hydration levels by protecting the skin from different skin problems like free radicals, which helps in making your skin refresh and moisturize for the entire day! Our hydrating snail mucin serum benefits skin tightening by minimizing the pores and improving the skin’s flexibility!
  • ❤ EASY TO APPLY. The super lightweight and rapid-absorbing formula that we offer doesn’t leave any kind of heavy or sticky feeling compared to beauty creams, oils, and balms after utilization. Once you clean your skin, you can apply the fancied snail serum amount on your beautiful face. And after that, support it with the face moisturizer of your choice to promote the hydration of your skin! If you want to follow simpler skincare steps, you can just mix up the firming snail mucin extract serum from our side with your regular moisturizer to help in blending and sealing the moisture of your skin!
  • ❤ ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU. The beauty products range that we offer is produced from the finest quality ingredients, available here in America! In case you are not fully satisfied with Centella Asiatica Beauty Serum that we offer, you will get top-notch customer support from our side and enjoy the refunds on your order within the next 30 days, neither questions nor letters! SO, WHY WAIT? CLICK ON THE “ADD TO CART” BUTTON, HURRY UP! BECAUSE BY THE TIME YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND IT MAY BE TOO LATE!

Why Our Snail Mucin Serum is a Vital Addition to Your Skin?

Snail mucin has created a lot of buzz in the skincare industry, thanks to its moisturizing and collagen-boosting abilities. If you are curious as to how this ingredient works and whether it is worth splurging on it, here are a few reasons why you should add it to your skincare regime.

Reasons Why Our Snail Serum For Skin is Worth It!

A Trusted Ingredient:

Snail mucin extract is a popular skincare ingredient in the South Korean industry and is used across various serums and moisturizers. It has properties of glycoprotein, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid that have shown favorable results for the skin.

Anti-aging Benefits:

Whether you are in your early 30s or entering your 50s, our Snail Mucin Serum combines enriching snail mucin extract with the goodness of hyaluronic acid, grapefruit seed extract, and aloe vera to help you speed up the skin regeneration process.

Light Weight Formula Soothes and Balances the Skin:

The hydrating and moisturizing properties of the snail serum penetrate deep into your skin to increase cell turnover and help you maintain a pH balance for a youthful glow over time.

Helps With Acne & Hyperpigmentation:

Controlling breakouts and zapping out hyperpigmentation can seem like a never-ending battle. Hence, it helps to use soothing skincare products that do not have harmful chemicals. Our snail serum has antioxidants and skin-friendly AHA properties that will help you combat hyperpigmentation and acne.

Quick Absorbing Formula:

With our snail serum for skin, you don’t have to worry about greasiness. Our formula has a non-greasy finish that helps your skin recover from oxidative stressors and ensures soft and supple skin.

How to Use the Snail Mucin Serum?

You can use our snail mucin extract serum after washing your face along with a face moisturizer. Whether you want to use the serum during traveling or integrate it into your night-time routine, it is versatile and suitable for all skin types.

Are you looking for innovative formulas to include in your skincare product line? At Lyfetrition, we also offer bulk snail mucin extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and replenish moisture. Snail mucin is an effective skincare ingredient with restorative and regenerative properties to help resolve a wide variety of skincare issues. With our cutting-edge research and manufacturing facility, we use snail mucin extract with grapeseed fruit extract to deliver the best skin results.

Our Wholesale Snail Mucin Extract Serum have several Benefits as below:

  • Tacking Skin Issues in a Cost-Effective Manner: Our discounted snail serum hits all the right notes to give users the best skincare experience. With our cost-effective and comprehensive skincare solutions, you will maximize your return on investment.
  • Leverage Our Expertise to Gain a Competitive Advantage: Get the best and innovative formulas at the best rates. Our research facility hosts the best skincare solutions, including the top-quality snail mucin serum, to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Prompt Responsiveness: Our experts are here to cater to your wholesale and retail needs with prompt responsiveness and support. We offer bulk manufacturing services with industry experts to ensure timely delivery.


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