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Holistic Health 101

Holistic health based on the premise that optimal health comes from living a balanced life and becoming a “whole” person. The mind, body, spirit, and emotions integrated and inseparable. The body contains an energy system that is the support and life for the physical body. Health achieved with treating the underlying cause, not masking, or addressing the symptoms. If one part of your body is not functioning properly, all other parts may be affected. The health of the future is said to be holistic health that’s based upon the fundamentals of functional medicine

The holistic treatment of your symptoms is through natural and preventative approaches. Your looked at as a person, not as the disease you have or ailments. Your health measured not with the absence of symptoms and disease, but a positive state of being. You also have a responsibility for your own total health. You must be an active participant towards day to day wellness and healing to keep in balance.

The body’s balance include: posture, microbiomes, climatic factors, diet, exercise, rest, stress, toxins, purposefulness, sexual health, and more. These factors show the relationship and interactions between yourself and your environment.

Understanding, studying, and isolating factors that might be contributing to imbalance is fundamental. You achieve optimal health when all systems are in balance.

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